I can help you discover and celebrate a world of new, healthy food and simple effective workouts

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Simple things, done consistently for life-long health and weight loss

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Eating Well, Moving Better & Thinking Clearer (without the BS)!

What worked in your 20’s (and maybe your 30’s) will not continue to work for ever.

Unless you support your changing hormones as you age, you’ll never shift that tummy fat or improve your energy.  It’s time to embrace your life and start living it to the full and it’s my job to show you how.  It doesn’t involve counting calories or spending hours at the gym, but it does involve simple strategies like my ‘giveit10’ micro-habits! 

I will get you Eating Well, Moving Better & Thinking Clearer, so you can finally shift the weight that’s been hanging around for years, get your energy back and get off the emotional rollercoaster.

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Before you do anything else, “If you are a woman over 35 – you need to watch this”.

You can also use my free resources to get going and make that first step to having a better, healthier lifestyle.

At the mercy of Crazy Hormones?

Thriving through Menopause 

After watching the training above head to the Free Resources or HERE to download your free Hormonal Harmony guide.

 We eat for pleasure, for social interaction and comfort, don’t let menopause ruin all the fun.  Discover how to support your body, while eating a fabulous array of great food. 

When we eat good, we feel good!


 Coaching & Courses

Simple Things + Consistency = Results

The #giveit10 Coaching Group is all you need to get you moving, thinking, eating and feeling your healthiest you, in quick bite-sized chunks.   Yoga, Pilates, access to my App, Monthly Challenges, bonus guides and support.

YOUR FIRST MONTH IS FREE      What are you waiting for? 

Want to test the water first? 
Try the famous #giveit10, 10 Step Morning Routine Challenge to discover THE best way to start your day! 


Lose the Weight for GOOD

Frazzled 2 Fabulous

The difference between success and failure is all about what is going on in your head and nothing works until you get out of your own way.  I love to see the transformations take place when we get stuck in to mindset work and this forms the backbone of our ‘Guaranteed Results’ 10 week foundational programme Frazzled 2 Fabulous.

Is it finally time to ditch the quick fixes and sort your body and mind out for the life you deserve.


How I work with clients…

I will help you discover and celebrate a world of new, healthy food, simple effective workouts and the #giveit10 philosophy for LIFELONG health! 


Perfect for Busy Women

Everything we do here is accessed via the GO App or via the Online Portal. 

That means it’s all available to fit into your busy life. 

And you will never be short of strategies to make that easy!  

Wether it’s a membership or a course, we keep things simple and achievable. 

In your time

Monthly Coaching & Courses

We have something for every budget and need.  Click on each one for more info and some sneak peeks! 

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The Back 2 Basics starter Course

The famous ‘Giveit10’ 10 Step Morning Routine 



Guaranteed Results

Frazzled 2 Fabulous

This foundational 10-week course runs regularly throughout the year and guarantees results!

Especially suitable for (but not exclusively for) menopausal ladies, Frazzled 2 Fabulous will take you by the hand and guide you to the success you have been searching for.  

Rediscover yourself as you join other like-minded women wanting to lose weight, sort out  hot flushes, increase energy and ditch the brain fog and mood swings. 

You will literally feel like a new woman (and generally a stone lighter) at the end of this transformational group coaching experience.