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Meet 'give it 10 Jen'

Jennie Edmondson

Slightly Unhinged Nutrition, Movement Mindset & Menopause Expert

Hi, my name is… Jennie Edmondson

Creator of 'Frazzled 2 Fabulous' and #giveit10!

I’ve been passionate about food my whole life, but I’ve not always had the best relationship with it. After 23 years in the Royal Air Force, I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and I soon realised that I was massively overcomplicating things. Now, I am repeatedly blown away at the amazing transformations my clients can have from making simple adjustments to their eating habits.

And now as I am in full blown peri-menopause, I’m discovering how what we eat, how we move and how we think has incredible impact on our hormones. It’s my absolute passion to support women during this rollercoaster time!

I am a firm believer that it's never too late to make a fresh start!

Life is too short to take too seriously but too important not to take care of ourselves.  It’s never too late to make a fresh start or learn something new and you’re never too old to squat!  

I am an ex-military mother of 2 who enjoys obstacle races and adventure sports.  I love fell running fell and mountain biking and I  love spending time outdoors in the fabulous Lake District. 

I developed a passion for fitness when I joined the RAF and had the opportunity to try an abundance of activities and sports. 

 So after 22 years of active service, I knew all I wanted to do when I left was to help others in their health and fitness journeys.  

To be honest, I took a lot for granted whilst I was in the military.

  With age and ego on my side, I figured I was indestructible and often worked out for hours at a time if I chose to, or sometimes not all (!) and I ate and drank what I wanted, with total disregard for rest and recovery.  

However, in my early 40’s and with 2 young children when I left, it was like my body and mind caught up with me and it all started to fall apart! 

I realised my stomach muscles never recovered from having 2 babies in quick succession (of course, I totally neglected proper post natal training in favour of beasting myself again as soon as possible) and after qualifying as an ‘Insanity’ Instructor I suffered a massive disc prolapse.

 After agonising sciatica and back pain, I opted for discectomy surgery as soon as possible thinking that would ‘mend everything’ quickly.  

Once again, I played lip service to proper recovery, still thinking I was indestructible and soon the back pain returned and I suffered 2 ruptured achilles – one after the other!

What a tale of woe!

What that means now is that I know a lot about rehab, recovery, back pain and post natal recovery.  I’ve made it my mission to learn from my mistakes and to not let others make the same ones. I understand the power of good nutrition and of rest.  

The absolute importance of building strength gradually and consistently and of the need for stability and mobility in the right balance.  

So, now as I hit 50 with the menopause reminding me to take better care of myself (because I know if I eat, move, think and rest well, I don’t suffer as much!) it is my passion and purpose to help you to be the best you can be.

  And at the very least, when everything is going banana’s, I’m here to remind you to just #giveit10!


Level 3 : Personal Trainer Diploma

Level 3 : Pre & Post Maternity Exercise specialist

Level 3 : GP Exercise Referral

Precision Nutrition Certification in Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Level 3 : Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning

HND Physiology & Massage

Level 2 : HIIT – Insanity Instructor

Level 2 : Indoor & Outdoor Circuits

Level 2 : Studio Cycling Instructor

Level 2 : Premier Total Padwork instructor

Level 2 : Gym Instructor

Level 2 : NABBA Weights Instructor

Level 2 : Management and treatment of injuries in football.

My ‘fitness’ achievements include
(but not limited to!)

Everest Marathon

London Marathon

Various Olympic distance triathlons

The worlds longest obstacle race (200 obstacles over 20 miles). 

Great North and Scottish Swims

The Coast to Coast cycle ride