Christmas calories

Unfortunately, they do count! 

But don’t let panicking about food over the festive period ruin it for you. 

Follow a few simple tips to help you stay in control.

1. Empty Calories – I love a drink, especially at Christmas, but any alcohol will bump up the calorie count. However, some are less deadly thank others; Champagne (the real stuff) is about 84 calories a glass.  Many spirits (gin, vodka, whiskey) are low on calories, just watch what you mix it with and steer clear of cocktails with sugar syrups.

2. Water – Drink LOTS!  Always have a large glass before any meal (dehydration is often mistaken for hunger) and always drink a glass between alcoholic drinks (I know, easier said than done, but make yourself do it!)

3. Pre-Load – Eat before you go out! If you are heading out to a buffet or a large meal, have a small healthy, high protein meal before you go.  This will keep you feeling full and less likely to over fill your plate or go round for seconds!

4. Take your own food.  If you have firm goals (well done you!), and you’re off to a function and you know the food on offer will compromise them – then just take something yourself!  A good host should understand without being offended – probably best to let them know beforehand though! 

5.  Be mindful.  Try to stop and think about what you are eating and why.  Are you really hungry?  Are you concentrating on what you are eating and taking your time to enjoy it, or just shoveling it in whilst watching TV, using the computer/ipad/phone, or sharing office gossip?!

6. Have desert!  If you follow all the other tips above, allow yourself a small desert.  I’m not about to deny you a sweet treat, but savour it; you will already be full so you don’t need a big one!


If you follow these tips (and especially if you manage a daily workout) there should be no feelings of guilt and you can totally enjoy yourself and commit to a healthy New Year.

And if you are just planning to dive in, enjoy the season, not beat yourself up about anything and start fresh in the New Year – why not feel smug right now by booking on to the next Frazzled 2 Fabulous 10 Week Nutrition, Movement & Mindset Reset?! 


Merry Christmas! 
Jennie x