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For it to function well, your immune system requires balance and harmony. Every system in your body, including the immune system, functions better when following balanced and healthy strategies.

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I love that people want to try the plant-based lifestyle.  Thing is, many people give up in the first week as they struggle for inspiration or get overwhelmed when they look.  

Don’t let that be you!  
Check out these 15 delicious recipes from my January recipe pack with a done for you Meal Planner and Shopping List, to keep you on the straight and ‘plant-based’ narrow! 

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Hormonal Harmony Guide

If you are a woman between 35-55 – this is for you!
The Menopause is a natural process for a woman, but it can cause havoc with our lives. As our hormones gradually change. we may need to change our lifestyle too! Don’t take it lying down -you have the power to work with your body and not against it.

This guide accompanies my ‘it’s all about hormones’ presentation.

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