There’s a lot of fear around foam rolling – yes, it can be uncomfortable, but man, it does the job; especially in times when you can’t get to a physio or a sports therapist.

It’s pretty simple really – you just lay the offending body part over the roller and roll!  To increase the intensity of the roll, reduce the amount of bodyweight you ‘take’ with your arms or lay your other leg (if doing legs!) on top to increase the weight.  
A picture paints a thousand words, so head over HERE for a demo


In the meantime, here are my top picks.


1.   This Trigger Point roller is the one I use.  Yes it is amongst the most expensive, but I’ve had it for YEARS and it’s light weight, hollow and extremely durable.  Since I purchased this one, there are many more to choose from now, but I stand by this as a great purchase!


2. This foam roller is one of the highest selling rollers now.  It’s far more competitive from a cost perspective, but the grid is much harder.  Perhaps not for a newbie to rolling! 

Foam roller

Maximo Foam Roller3.  This is a great example of a longer foam roller and would be good for laying on vertically to work either side of the spine.  This has no ‘trigger’ points, so will give an even roll.
I would recommend this if you are newer to foam rolling as it is softer and more versatile with the added length.


4.  And finally, these foam rollers from PhysioWorld are also a great place to start your foam rolling journey.  Varying lengths but the foam is susceptible to damage if not stored correctly. 

There really are endless products to choose from, don’t let overwhelm stop you.
Like so many things in life – you get what you pay for!

Hope this has helped a little – don’t forget to go and check out the quick FREE tutorial on my membership site.



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