Leap Day 2020 – 10 things to do on your extra day (other than go to Hell!)

According to James Cordon (love him!) there’s a town in Michigan called ‘Hell’ which is offering free weddings tomorrow!  Aside from being one of the most popular places people are told to go to (!) apparently it does a roaring trade in Weddings; I guess to say you got married in Hell is quite a conversation starter!  But if proposing or taking a trip to Hell, is not on your agenda, I challenge you to try something that you’ve never done before (and it’s a Saturday – bonus!). 

  • Have a Social Media Free day.  Now, I love SM, it’s how I work and how I communicate, but it sometimes just sucks the life out of me and getting so absorbed I other people’s lives means we forget to live our own.  Use this extra day to step away from the noise, resist the urge to tell everyone what you are up to and power down!
  • Cook a meal from scratch.  When you are feeding a family day in day out, the joy of prepping a meal can be quickly lost.  Why not plan and prep your fave meal together?  How about Sweet Potato Spread, with Chilli Con Carne and Gluten-Free banana bread? My monthly members get 12 new recipes a month, but you can discover these 3 great recipes in my FREE 14-page meal prep guide HERE.
Gluten Free Banana Bread
  • Read a Non-Fiction book.  I love to read and get engrossed when I make time to do it.  Reading non-fiction books opens your mind and has seriously rocked my world.  Watch out for my next blog – 10 books that changed my life.
  • Meditate – the power of meditation is something I am just coming to realise.  You don’t need to be sat crossed legs chanting “Ohhmmm”, it can take all forms – walking, singing, lying down, standing, even reading.  Just take at least 10 minutes to switch off the world and direct your focus inwards.  I love the app “Headspace” it’s a great place to learn more and get started.
  • Try Parkrun.  You must have heard of Parkrun – free 5K runs available every Sat at 9am in just about every town in the UK (and beyond).  You can walk, take a pram, take your dog, go with the family, just register and head out.  The community of participants and volunteers are truly inspiring.
  • Tell someone you love them.  We Brits can be so stuffy sometimes.  Make sure you tell the important people in your life how you feel – all the time!  Even when you know someone loves you, to hear them actually say “I love you” is quite a different thing.  
  • Write a letter to a friend – an actual handwritten letter.  When was the last time you actually wrote anything longer than a card?  Or incorporate the point above and write a love letter to your partner, how wonderful would that make them feel?  Imagine finding that letter in 10 years time, we just don’t make those memories anymore – emails just don’t quite cut it!!
  • Make a decision – use the day to look at your life and decide what you MUST do if it is not the life you dream of.  Not what you should do, not what others think you need to, but be honest with yourself, stop making excuses and DECIDE.  Only you have the power to decide.  And when you have decided, take action, take steps every day towards that dream.
  • Ask for HELP.  You’ve made a decision, but you’ve got no idea where to start?  This is something I have struggled with all my life.  My bloody ego has tripped me up so many times as I have struggled to work everything out myself.  People have looked at me as a confident person, a military officer, a personal trainer, a coach, how can I admit that I’m scared, I’m lost or I’m struggling with my own demons too.  How can I ask for help when I need to be strong for others.  OK, this could turn into a big thing about me, but just to say it’s OK to ask for help.  You do not and cannot know everything.  Just make sure you get the right help and the best help – yeah, that might mean paying for it, but it’s worth every penny when you ask the right person.
  • And finally, number 10; Giveit10 – I had to put this in too right!  Go for a 10 min walk, do a 10 min exercise routine, do 10 reps of something (how about 10 LEAPS!!!!) Come and join my FB group for daily ideas!

So, 10 things to do other than propose tomorrow. I’d love to know if you tried anything new. If you know someone who could do with some inspiration, please send this to them!

Happy Leap Day!!

Jennie jumping with Ullswater in the back ground

Oh, and here is James talking about Hell (and other stuff) if you fancy a giggle !

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