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Feed your soul

Food is more than fuel. 

We eat for pleasure, for social interaction and comfort. What we consume makes up our matter: literally, “we are what we eat”. 

I believe that when we eat good, we feel good and this is nevermore true than when keeping our hormones in harmony during menopause. 

Move Your Body

First we must move well, before we move more.

Exercising during the Menopause will ease your symptoms and help control weight gain.  Spending time working on stability and safe movements is fundamental to avoiding injury though, so we start here, then the world is your oyster!


Mend Your Mindset

The difference between success and failure is all about what is going on in your head! 

Nothing works until you get out of your own way.  I love to see the transformations take place when we get stuck in to mindset work.  

Do you care enough about yourself to care for yourself? 


As an Online Coach

I can work with you

anywhere in the WORLD!

Client Success Stories

” I have back and hip problems and Jennie advised me exactly what is safe for my condition. She makes you feel understood as an individual and not just in a class of 20 doing the same as everyone else.”

Adrienne Lean

Beauty Therapist

“If you haven’t tried on-line personal training with Go Health and Fitness you are missing out! Jennie is a truly inspiring trainer who motivated me to change the way I exercised – not just for a week or a month, for good. She encouraged me to keep things simple, be realistic and to achieve results by making small changes. Jennie listened to my needs and goals and wrote me programmes accordingly. Most importantly she understood the limited time frames I had and the fact that daily tasks like walking the dog, still had to be factored in. She included these within my weekly training programme, which helped me feel I could achieve it rather than being overwhelmed. Jennie was always on hand to answer my queries, give me nutritional advice and would happily tweak my programmes to keep it fresh, fun and in line with my goals. Our regular face time consultations also kept me super motivated and enabled me to watch Jennie demonstrating exercises. Jennie you are so inspiring and I cannot wait to continue my training with you, you’ve changed my whole outlook on exercise”

Jany Lunt

Yoga Instructor

Wow, Jennie gently and kindly kicked my ass into shape!  An amazing trainer to work with. Knowledgeable, safe, kind, fun and varied. Keeps you on your toes and gives you the confidence to carry on on your own. I had people asking me how I looked so toned and what I had done!”

Sarah Jennings

Aura Mediator Instructor, Dare to Be