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Client Testimonials

“I love Jen’s Give it 10. They are so simple and easy to follow it means that they are in my head now all the time when I have a few minutes to spare. Whether that is waiting for the kettle to boil or waiting for my dog to stop sniffing every tree. Jen’s give it 10 has now become a habit!”

Jane Binnion Founder of The Growing Club and Ethical Business Coach

“I have been working with Jennie for over a year now. She is fantastic. I love doing this online as it’s much more flexible, I can move tasks/training sessions around if I have time constraints which is good for us who have to grab time here and there. The app and website is easy to use and Jennie can check up on me whenever she needs too. I’ve become stronger and fitter and have lost nearly a stone! I totally recommend this program AND Jennie. Go (Health and Fitness) for it!”

Caroline Chappell - Primary School Teacher