We are constantly being told to drink more water, but why, and do we really need to?

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In my efforts to always keep things simple, I could end with just saying YES – but I guess you’d like a little more!

Research suggests that up 75% of the population is dehydrated. Thats huge! We’re not talking about severe deathbed dehydration here, but just enough that we don’t necessarily even notice it. Low in energy, difficulty concentrating, slight constipation, irritable, dry skin, dry mouth, slight headache, all things that could easily be attributed to other things.

Your body is around 60% water and you are all losing it all day long. Of course the amounts will depend upon a number of factors, activity, sweating, urination, age, your body composition (fatty tissue contains less water than lean tissue), but, it all needs replacing.

There are endless studies on how much is enough. People also overthink it and worry about drinking too much – let’s get real! If you can manage 2-3 litres of water a day, you will be way ahead of most of the population and feeling a whole helluva lot better. Get this nailed and worry about specifics later.

So, how do you actually get that much water in, and what counts as water?

Lets hit the easy button here…

Measure out 2 litres of water in a jug, see what that looks like.
Pour a measure into your fave glass – how many glasses does it take to empty the jug?
That’s you base line!

Now, drink a glass as soon as you wake up in the morning, another before each meal, and spread the rest out through the day. DONE!

Do other drinks count?

Yes, some; but let’s be sensible. Sure, you could count fizzy pop towards it, but the sh1t storm of other crap in it totally negates the benefit. Fruit and herbal teas, go for your life. Caffeinated drinks, to an extent, but again, like so many other dietary considerations, when the body is dealing with other compounds, the full benefit of something can be lost. Soups, milk, smoothies, yes, they all contain water. But I’ll say it again….

“Stop Overthinking and Keep It Simple”

Concentrate on plain old water and fit other drinks around that.

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Hope that was useful.

Your in health & hydration!
Jennie x

Here’s a few resources you might find useful.. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/dehydration/